I have never posted for a LONG time so i will cut all the way here. Stamps!!!

I don’t know how or where did cp get this idea! You can’t use it on penguin mail though.

I will post cheats for Stamps tomorrow (or so…)

After all the hard work i’ve done, i have finally earned the Squid Spotter.


“Spot the Giant Squid in Aqua Grabber”

Also you will have access to your stamp book on your playercard. You will also be able to view all your pins in your stamp book.

Members will be able to customize they’re own stampbooks!

Earth Day

Earth Day is released and there are 2 pins!

Recycle Pin – Completing Hunt
Leaf Pin – Mountain

Hunt Items

1 is The Cup at the Coffee Shop,on top of the plant

2 is the Pet food at the Pet Shop,beside the puffle food

3 is the Cream soda at the Cove,beside the lowest tree

4 is the hot sauce at the Dojo Courtyard,on top of the Ninja hideout

5 is the Bag of Coffee beans at the Book room,on top of the shelf

6 is the newspaper at the Forest,on top of the rock beside the Path

7 is the Pizza Box at the Ski Village,on top of the Tubes

8 is the Water Barrel at the mine,beside the carts
there is also a new Path at the forest to go to the mine and there is the Straw Gardening Hat at the mine shack on the Wheel Barrow.

Earth day Sneak Peak!

OK guys CP has released a sneak peak to earth day

It will be a new room that will stay even after the event,its called the Recycle Plant (somehow) and there will be a path to the forest that means the forest will be new too!

This weeks tip!

Club Penguin Cheats|Club Penguin Secrets

Did you know?

that you could moonwalk on Club Penguin without WPE pro?

ok first you go to the ice rink and click on a place rapidly many times and you will moonwalk 😀 (kinda)

i was a fan of someone well at his cheating blog i saw him saying the orange puffle lie and now it came out to be true so this is what he did to his post


Someone’s blog i checked has put an orange puffle on an image with an image editor it was an orange puffle but after sometime on an image editor he saw that it was a red puffle…..

it was funny for him to say that! 😀


Ok guys Cheats page added!

Click Here for CP Cheating TV

New domain name!!!

ok guys we have a new domain name that will expire if we don’t get 25 more viewers in 90 days!quickly ask your friend to be active to this site!

Earth day+ 2 more

Table Of Contents

  1. Earth Day
  2. Herberts Revenge Sneak Peak
  3. Graphics Shop


Earth Day

Earth day is coming to Club Penguin 22nd Arpil! Make sure to turn off your lights from 8:30 – 9:30!


Herberts Revenge Sneak Peak

The new DS game “Herberts Revenge” has a new sneak peak revealed by the Club Penguin community blog

First last weeks image got bigger

and here is the new Sneak Peak

what do you think it will be?


got a website? cant make a good header? its easy

go to this site

Hello world!

hey guys,yep as the blog domain my penguin name is X Technology.If you see this post,make sure you join FACP here ….ok thats all i need to tell you

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